The Bar Method Atlanta’s Bar Star, Jennifer Jones

At The Bar Method, it’s part of our job as instructors to motivate and guide students to reach beyond their perceived limitations but the truth is, that process is often reciprocal. As we watch clients shake and sweat to stronger, more powerful versions of themselves, we are inspired to reach for the greatest version of our authentic selves in the process.

One of those people is Jennifer Jones, a student at the Bar Method East Cobb location, who we originally featured as Bar Star in the studio in July. Through setbacks and triumphs, through babies and rainy days, this relentless girl shows up at the crack of dawn to put in work at the barre. And in return, she’s discovered the limitations that she once saw for herself were only imagined boundaries standing between her current self and the strongest, healthiest version that she could be, the version she is today!

Bar Star, Jennifer Jones, and family.


We hope that by sharing a snippet of her barre story with our Barre Life Atl friends, her story will inspire more people the way it has inspired us.

TBM Atl: What’s your favorite love-to-hate exercise and why?

Jennifer: I. Love. Chair. Really, I love every thigh exercise, but especially chair. Why?  Because it’s hard and it takes every muscle working together to do it right.

TBM Atl: What are some of your successes inside and outside the studio as they relate to barre?

Jennifer:  On New Year’s Day of 2016, I had a baby. It was a grueling delivery, twenty-one hours of labor, plus 3 hours of pushing. I lost a lot of blood and my blood pressure dropped very low. They had to inject my thighs with something to help a blood clot and, for a while, even that wasn’t working. There was talk of a blood transfusion and the doctors had worried looks. I was scared. I wasn’t allowed to get up or walk. I couldn’t move over to our new little girl. I hated that feeling- weak, dependent and incapable. I thought I would never feel strong again, let alone get through the ordeal.

But I did get through and six weeks after the delivery, I was cleared for workouts. I jumped back in that day at The Bar Method. Starting over was hard, really hard. I hadn’t been able to workout in months and I felt that same weakness that I felt in the hospital bed months before. But the wonderful teachers pushed me and my fellow students believed in me.

I realized that I have a much higher physical limit than I ever realized; everyone does actually. If you can get passed the mental aspect of it, which Bar Method helps you to do through great instruction and encouragement, then you can do just about anything! I’m very thankful for this hour where I can focus on me and my limits so that I can be a stronger mom and wife.


Thanks for being a shining example of the strength that can come out of struggle, or out of our determination to become stronger from struggle, rather. Keep putting in the great work and we’ll see you at the barre, Jennifer!


If you’d like to challenge yourself and your perceived mental and physical limitations, book a class at The Bar Method East Cobb or The Bar Method Lenox today!