Blissed-Out Barre-istas: Before & After Pics

Not long ago, you may have seen a pretty creative picture gallery called “Tipsy Portrait Project” circulating the inter-web in which photographer Marcos Alberti photographed his subjects after 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine. The result was pretty much what you’d imagine, with partygoers becoming exponentially flushed and jubilant as the series, and the pours, continued.

We at The Bar Method Atlanta decided to do our own less boozy, more barre-y version of the photo series. Keep in mind that we didn’t quite have the budget for a professional photographer, fancy lenses, and so on… but their post-barre glow shines through nonetheless.

Check out these beautiful, blissed-out barre-istas (a.k.a. loyal clients of The Bar Method Atlanta)…





Our “subjects” walked into class reeling from a rather cold, wet winter morning and walked out an hour later with an energetic buzz of emitting from deep within. And we’ll take that lasting, hangover-free “buzz” over one at the bar any day.

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Lines We Love: Bamboo Juices

When we seek out products to feature in the retail shop at The Bar Method Atlanta, I’ll be the first to admit that we’re a bit picky. It can be a long process finding products we feel confident to stand behind and sell to the clients who trust us. But that obsession with quality over quantity is something I’m most proud of. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about seeking out and supporting brands that resonate with us, not only as smart consumers, but also on a heart level.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 5.02.51 PM.png

Bamboo Juices is one of those brands for me. I could go on and on with the reasons why- it’s organic, locally produced, tastes uh-maze-ing and so on, but here are four most interesting reasons Bamboo Juices is a line we love.

1. The brains behind Bamboo. Bamboo Juice CEO and founder, Kelley Sibley, did her homework in the creation of her brand. In fact, she spent 15 years studying anthropology and traveling the world to learn about the eating habits of people who live in “Blue Zones”. These are areas with high concentrations of people who live passed 100 years old. She uses the ingredients and combinations of foods found to be most beneficial to longevity in these areas, and then lovingly worked them into each of her juices and almond milk.

2. It’s chock full of micronutrients. Raw, cold-pressed juices pack a powerful punch of micronutrients, feeding us on a cellular level. But Bamboo Juices takes nutrition to the next level by using a Norwalk Juicer, basically the Bentley of hydraulic press juicers. This progressive production method has been proven to be most effective in retrieving nutritional enzymes from fibers of produce. And more nutrition density means a healthier you!

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 5.02.28 PM.png

3. Unlike life, it’s simple. Bamboo uses no more than five ingredients in each juice or almond milk. Our body uses different enzymes to break down different ingredients. Using limited ingredients ensures that the body can complete digestion and also complete nutrient absorption. The flavors of each ingredient really come through in yummy combinations, like lemon-ginger-green apple and carrot-ginger-lime.

4. Our clients love them. And we love our clients! Sure, we initially pick the products we want to feature at The Bar Method Atlanta because the staff loves them but after that initial order has been placed, it’s our clients that have the last word. If we hear less-than-ideal feedback or if a product just isn’t selling, it will be short-lived.

Stop into The Bar Method Lenox and The Bar Method East Cobb for a Bamboo Juices and tell us what you think! We get new batches and flavors delivered almost daily!

Tangy Key Lime Smoothie Recipe « Kimberly Snyder

As promised, here is @kimberlysnyder’s #sundaysmoothie. Kimberly makes a great point when describing this beauty empowering smoothie. With time at a minimum, stress at some of its highest levels for the year, and sugary treats at every turn, it’s the perfect time to boost your immune system and keep your gut healthy with probiotics. Enjoy this smoothie as it nourishes your body.



Source: Tangy Key Lime Smoothie Recipe « Kimberly Snyder

Sauerkraut for Gut Health (Three-Ingredient Recipe)

Let’s talk about guts. Ewww, right? No.

Our “guts”, when working properly, are a beautiful thing and oh-so vital to the way every other system in our bodies perform. Often, when we think about boosting our immune system, we think of washing our hands, getting plenty of vitamin C and so on… but protecting our intestinal wall with living, disease-fighting bacteria is actually one of the most powerful ways we can improve our health and vitality in every area.

One of the best ways to protect our guts (or digestive tract, to be more specific) is with live, fermented foods that are packed with lactic acid bacteria. These good bacteria aid the break-down of food, keeping harmful microorganisms at bay and allowing for better nutrient absorption. They’re also loaded with micronutrients, such as choline, that can be tough to get in our everyday diet.

“All Disease Begins in the Gut”- Hippocrates

One of my favorite ways to reap the benefits of living, fermented food is through raw sauerkraut (note that the unrefrigerated sauerkraut on most store shelves is pasteurized and contains no live cultures). Not only does raw sauerkraut boast the benefits of a fermented food, but cabbage happens to be a cruciferous vegetable, along with Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale and radishes. These vegetables combat many cancers, lower cholesterol, have anti-inflammatory properties and enhance your liver’s detoxification process. One serving of quality, raw sauerkraut delivers a health boost that surpasses many expensive probiotic supplements in stores, and for a lot less money!


A few conditions that fermented foods, like sauerkraut, help combat:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Obesity
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune Diseases

 Three-Ingredient Sauerkraut Recipe


Medium Head of green, red or napa cabbage (approximately 3 lbs)

1 ½ tbsp Kosher Salt

1 tbsp caraway seeds

What You’ll Need

Chef’s knife or food processor

Mixing bowl

Two quart-sized mason jars

Jelly jar or cup

Rubber band

Clean stones or marbles

Piece of cloth for covering jar


  • Cut Cabbage. Remove wilted, limp outer layers of the cabbage. Cut cabbage into large chunks, removing core. Slice each chunk into thin ribbons.
  • Add Salt and massage. Move cabbage into a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with salt. Begin massaging the salt into the cabbage with your hands. After 5 or 10 minutes, the cabbage will start to have a more tender texture, more like coleslaw than raw cabbage.
  • Mix in caraway seeds.
  • Pack cabbage into the mason jars. Every so often, push the cabbage deeper into jar. Pour any remaining liquid into the jar- just leave an inch of space on top as the mixture will start to bubble after a couple of days.
  • Weigh the cabbage down. Once all the cabbage is packed into the Mason jar, slip a smaller jelly jar or cup into the mouth of the larger jar and fill it with clean stones. This will help push the cabbage down so that it’s eventually submerged in its own liquid.
  • Cover the jar with a cloth and secure it with a rubber band. This allows air into the jar but prevents dust and insects from getting into it.
  • Press the cabbage every few hours. Over the next 24 hours, press the cabbage down into its liquid. As the cabbage releases more liquid, it will become limp and compact and the liquid will increase.
  • Add extra liquid if needed.
  • Ferment for 3 to 10 days. Keep sauerkraut away from direct sunlight and at a temperature between 65°F to 75°F. Check it daily and press down if the cabbage is floating above the liquid.
  • Start tasting it after three days. You can let it continue fermenting as long as you’d like- there’s no absolute answer- just whatever tastes good to you at this point. When the sauerkraut tastes good to you, remove the weight, screw the cap and refrigerate.


And voilà! Aside from the health-benefits of sauerkraut, its tangy crunch is a great addition to soups, salads, proteins or even by itself.

Things to Note

  • Since sauerkraut is fermented, it will keep for at least two months if refrigerated. As long as it still smells and looks good, it will be.
  • You’ll likely see bubbles and foam as your brew matures to its most beneficial state. This is all normal and part of the process.
  • Note that your mix may develop a white, velvety film on the top. If this happens, simply skim it off the top and fish out any solids that it may have left behind.

Other fermented foods that benefit gut health:

  • Kefir
  • Kombucha
  • Kimchi
  • Tempeh
  • Pickles
  • Greek Yogurt

Skin-Glowing Antioxidant Smoothie Recipe « Kimberly Snyder

As the the weather has turned here in Atlanta, and most of my weekend is spent outside at my daughter’s lacrosse tournaments, I’ve been on the hunt for moisturizing face masks and started to slather on Sally B’s Skin Yummy Eco Body Lotion.

But, one of the best ways to combat ruddiness and dryness is from the inside out. Here is one of many Kimberly Snyder tool for your arsenal this winter.


Source: Skin-Glowing Antioxidant Smoothie Recipe « Kimberly Snyder