Gratitude as a Stress-Fighting Superpower


Most of us know we should remain thankful for the many positives in our lives every month, week and day of the year, but it seems to come into focus more than ever at this time of year.

But for even the most grateful of us, it can be easy to lose perspective at times. The daily demands of life, and the occasional disappointments that come with it, can manifest as stress. And where stress grows, feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and dissatisfaction can creep into the space that gratitude should occupy. At times, stress is a real and inevitable part of life, and we have to take measures to reduce it where we can, but at other times, we’re perceiving something as a stressful situation, when we really only need to shift our perspective.

These are the times when it’s most important to consciously redirect our focus to noticing and expressing gratitude for all the good in our lives. Perspective plays a huge role in our mental and emotional wellbeing, but also our physical health, as continued stress raise our levels of cortisol, affecting our waistlines, inflammation and even immune systems.

The Science of “Thanks”

Research shows that people who report high levels of gratitude don’t live in a world of denial. They don’t ignore the problems in their life, but they’re able to detach from a stressful period by savoring a positive experience. Basically, it’s hard to think of two opposing things at the same time.

In a study called the Research Project on Gratitude and Thankfulness by Dr. Robert Emmons (a Dr. of Thankfulness, how cool is that!) found that grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of depression and, yes, STRESS. People who regularly expressed gratitude were also more likely to make progress toward their personal goals than those who didn’t. And the grateful group of respondents rated higher in their ability to be empathic, or to put themselves in others’ shoes, among a slew of other benefits.

It’s encouraging to know that this area, which is so important to our mental and emotional health, but can be overlooked by the mainstream medical research industry, is getting the attention and funding it deserves.

Four ways to pave your path away from stress to contentment with gratitude

  • Keep a gratitude journal. Dedicate a notebook to listing very specific things your grateful for and make a goal to write things that you’re grateful for at least four days a week. This is one of the most effective ways to keep our focus on being grateful. Plus, it’s fun to go back and revisit all of the happy memories years later. Here are some great ideas on how to create your gratitude journal.


  • Write a thank-you note. Try to write and send at least one thank-you note a month. Expressing our gratitude, not just in private, but also through words to another person delivers a guaranteed hit of happiness to both the deliverer and the receiver. This is also a great way to nurture our relationships with the people we value most. Don’t forget to write one to yourself every once in a while!
  • Be patient with yourself if you slip into old thought/ stress patterns. Just like any old habit, it takes time and a conscious effort to make lasting change. It’s not always a linear process, what counts is about catching ourselves and redirecting our focus to thankfulness. Just like we reshape our bodies through repetition at The Bar Method, we can flex the “gratitude muscle” in our brain, changing the way it functions for the long-term.
  • Take time in class to give thanks. At the end of each class at The Bar Method, we take a moment of reverence. Use this time to thank yourself for restoring your mind and body. Maybe express mental gratitude for a particular person in your life or just sit in stillness, as you identify that feeling of gratitude in your heart center. Imagine that joyful feeling expanding with each breath, as it fills the space where resentment and stress once existed. Now, carry that spirit of thanks as you tackle any challenge that comes your way.

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Apple Cider Delight Smoothie Recipe

I love Apple Cider, and especially a version that offers a healthy alternative. I tend to go off the rails between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and not because I actually enjoy the T-Day meal. My sugar cravings and desire for something to comfort me as the cold weather approaches (I really am not a fan of cold weather) become almost overwhelming, especially as I run at a break neck speed to “get it all done” in those few shorts weeks. Kimberly’s recipe is a sure fire way for me to not feel “left out” of the festive feelings surrounding holiday food while I work to take care of myself in other ways than sugary indulgences. I hope you’ll find it to do the same for you! Happy Holidays!


MelissaSource: Apple Cider Delight Smoothie Recipe

Spicy Pear Smoothie Recipe

While I must admit to loving the milder temperatures we have had so far this fall, colder weather is coming! Spices are a terrific way to warm the body as colder temps approach. Kimberly is always sharing creative ways to enjoy the warmth of the season while resisting “comfort foods”. Enjoy her latest #sundaysmoothie


Source: Spicy Pear Smoothie Recipe

It’s a Big Deal

I am always so excited for this time of year to approach and this year is no different. It’s a time of giving and receiving and I encourage everyone to find ways to spread the love to yourself while loving on others this season! Be on the lookout this month!  I will talk about easy ways to Join the Club here in Atlanta!


Spicy Beauty Chocolate Truffle Recipe « Kimberly Snyder

The struggle is very real for myself and my husband as we find ourselves dipping into the kids’ candy bags. Sugar is a real addiction and I struggle with it same as so many people. This recipe is a great way to feed that craving with a higher quality choice. I try not to be too hardness on myself, “progress not perfection” works not just in Bar Method, but with food choices and many other aspects of life.

Please enjoy another tasty treat from Kimberly Snyder.

Source: Spicy Beauty Chocolate Truffle Recipe « Kimberly Snyder